CarX Drift Review

Benn Godenzi

July 28, 2022

CarX Drift

Try CarX Drift Racing if you want a quick and entertaining game. There are lots of fast, powerful sports cars in this game. Some examples are the 2009 Nissan 350Z Roadster Piranha E-ON and the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Eva X. You may start drifting with any of these automobiles, depending on your skill level and money. But you should know that you should think about a few things before buying this game.

Game play

CarX Drift Racing has an exciting core game structure similar to Need for Speed Most Wanted but without the pay-to-win system. In this game, you must “Git Gud” to move on to the next level. If you get enough gifts, you can upgrade your car and move on to the next level. But the lack of support for gamepads and joysticks might turn off new players.

The sound and video in CarX Drift Racing are excellent. Even though it doesn’t look as good as many AAA games these days, it will keep you busy for hours. The game is free, and small changes are still being made to it, so you’ll get more content in the future. Currently, there are no free DLCs, but a few paid packs are available. But these updates won’t happen as often as in the original game, so it’s best to try out the free version before buying it.


Even though the graphics are good, the interface is not as realistic as in other racing games. For example, it starts with a loading screen and no music or different intro. But it does run well in early settings. The game is also very smooth, especially when you play it with your hands, and it has several camera angles and a live camera. The game also has a “Replay” feature, which lets you upload footage from races you’ve already run.

One of the most common complaints about video games is that they are hard to play. CarX Drift Racing is like Need for Speed: Most Wanted, but you don’t have to pay to win. Instead, you need to “Git Gud” to move forward. A dedicated GPU is suggested for this. A good GPU will smooth the graphics and help you figure out the game’s complex textures. For CarX Drift Racing Online, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 or an AMD Radeon R9 280 is the best graphics card. The G3D scores for both of these GPUs are 5317 and 5547.

Multiplier system

In Car X Drift, the Multiplier system is very similar to those in other popular racing games. You get points for drifting, but the multiplier is based on the class of your car. If you have a class 5 car, your multiplier is five times. The same thing goes for drifting with a class 4 car. But there are no multipliers in online lobbying. So, if you play alone, you will only get a $1 multiplier for every point you earn in a single drift.

Open world

If you’ve played the CarX Drift Racing Online games or are considering buying them, you might wonder if they can have an open world. Yes, that’s the answer. You can drive anywhere you want in the open world. But how do you know where to begin playing them? Let’s find out.

In CarX Drift Racing, the Open World is a great new way to explore the world of cars. In this game, you can drive your car through various landscapes, like winding mountain roads, mesmerizing coastal highways, and huge city streets. It is also possible to race with friends online or against them in virtual races. But players with AMD HD Radeon on-board graphics cards shouldn’t play this game.


Most of the time, playing car X Drift Racing online is free. But some things in the game can be bought with real money. What you buy will determine this. For example, if you wish to improve your performance, you could choose to buy premium automobiles or other in-game goodies. Whether you pay real money or play for free, the game is a great choice for a fun and fast-paced game.